What kinDIY is about:

It's about sharing information and about facilitating collaboration — across town or across the country — with the foundational idea being that we'll all do better helping each other out.

We've got (or will have) Awards Artists, Venues, Radio, Blogs, Labels, Retailers, Events, News, Reviewers, PR, and more. (Look at the "Entities" menu above to see all of the types of entities we've got involved.)

And they're all tagged geographically so, for example, if you're going on tour to New England, you can learn about Spare the Rock, Spoil the Child, Royal Order of Chords and Keys, and The Eric Carle Museum. Or if you're looking to book a band into an event in the Northwest, you can go see everything that's tagged in that area.

So, it's super important that, when you're creating pages, you tag them correctly. Go to this page to see the tag list and other tips. (But it's not so important that if you're nervous about it you shouldn't go make a page. We'll fix most mistakes.)

If you are looking for coloring pages for kids check out coloring pages 4 kidz. They have a large collection of free coloring sheet. You can also find a craft job that you can do while doing arts and crafts projects with your kids. Find ways to share your crafting skill with others.

We've also started to add some advice pages under "Other Useful Stuff," including advice about advancing your show from a technical perspective, plus some thoughts about awards and radio and how you should approach both as part of marketing your music.

The most important thing is: Go make a page! Or update one! It's easy and for this to work, you've gotta do it.

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