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Hey! Andy Mason here with an entity page paragraph so that my picture won't be the thing you see on the entity page. I've performed for thousands of kids and families in libraries, schools, preschools, festivals, state fairs and birthday parties (the best gigs) all over the country and all over the world. I have toured in Australia, England and Iceland and I have a very cool guitar tattoo. (They said to put the most important info here so I felt like I needed to include that) You can see more about me and what I do by clicking here:


Andy Mason is a children's entertainer based in Portales, NM

Hey guys I am feeling pretty good about myself right now, not because I just returned from a 17 date tour of SRP's in Australia and not because I finished my second tour of schools and preschools in England last November…..nope, not even the fact that my song "Smile" has raised over $1,000.00 for Smile Train, no people, No! I am feeling good about myself because I have figured out how to edit this page!…Yeehaw! I even had to contact Bill Childs to figure it out!


Lucky for me, Bill is a pretty cool dude….

Anyhow, oh, wait, here is a picture of my guitar!

And here is a picture of a big group waiting for me to perform in Weatherford, Oklahoma


And here is a picture of the Pizza Cookies they made at that very same show….delish.


Look closely…..those are NOT pizza's, but life-size Pizza Cookies!….you should have seen the kids after they had eaten a slice!….actually, it is probably better that you didn't……SUGAR!

I wrote a song about pizza ya know….

It is pretty much my theme song….now I am the Pizza Guy, the Pizza Dude….people sneak up behind me at Wal-Mart and sing a chorus or two…….and pretty much every SRP I do turns into a pizza party!….(this is NOT a bad thing)

Here is a LIVE version of the song…..which I have been known to extend to over 15 mins….if you are unlucky and I get on a roll.

Here is an actual quote from an actual parent that I am most proud of….

"My kids LOVE your music and I don't feel like blowing my brains out after listening to it"

Isn't that a great quote?

Oh….and here is that Bio you asked for….

Here is a link to one of my most popular songs and videos…this one gets downloaded…..A LOT.

I know…..I know….I write a lot of songs about food….but I like food…and kids like food… if you don't like food…..well, you must be hungry all the time.

Not sick of me yet? Want to see more?

Please invite me to Kindiefest. I promise I'll be good (and pay for my own airfare).

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