Alison Faith Levy

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Alphabet Soup

by alphabetseanalphabetsean 11 May 2011 15:51

Alphabet Soup is a Western Canadian Music Award nominated trio based in Winnipeg, Manitoba in the vast Canadian Prairies. Their hilarious on stage antics, interactive songs, and awesome knock-knock jokes have earned them a place in great festivals and events around Canada. The three key ingredients to Alphabet Soup are Sean Patrick Hogan, Micki Casey and Tim Braun, mad geniuses who love nothing more than to see people groovin' to the "Backhoe Boogie", surfin' in a kiddie pool, and warning people about the evils of brussel sprouts!

Andy Mason Music

by Andy Mason MusicAndy Mason Music 09 Feb 2012 17:45

Hey! Andy Mason here with an entity page paragraph so that my picture won't be the thing you see on the entity page. I've performed for thousands of kids and families in libraries, schools, preschools, festivals, state fairs and birthday parties (the best gigs) all over the country and all over the world. I have toured in Australia, England and Iceland and I have a very cool guitar tattoo. (They said to put the most important info here so I felt like I needed to include that) You can see more about me and what I do by clicking here:

Angel Pam West

by Angel Pam WestAngel Pam West 14 Jan 2012 17:02

Angel Pam West is a music educator, an early childhood music specialist, a registered Music Together teacher, a performing singer/songwriter/ composer, and recording artist who runs a community music center called The Community Music & Arts Network in the Catskill mountains of New York. She runs all ages music programming for the geographically isolated and economically challenged mountain community. She has released multiple albums on her label Angelfly Records, including a new children's album called "Unicorn Crossing," which is available on CD ( The album is a gorgeous and well-crafted collection of animal parables that will appeal to listeners of all ages.

Apple Brains

by Apple BrainsApple Brains 24 Jan 2012 23:49

Apple Brains is a children's musical group focused entirely on healthy eating. Our mission is to get kids big and small to discover the joys of fruits, vegetables, and good health! Allen "Apple Brains" Bleyle started honing this focus while working as a "Nutrition Musician" for the Network For a Healthy California, where he penned songs for Head Start (ages 3-5) and Elementary school classrooms (ages 5-10) about fruits and veggies. Writing and performing directly for kids ensured the songs to be kid tested and approved, and he expanded his repertoire to appeal to slightly older minds as well while working the summers at Farm and Wilderness summer camps in Vermont. Once wielding enough material, he and friends recorded Apple Brains' debut album, "Get Fruity!!" to humbling critical acclaim (5/5 stars from and happy dance moves of delight by kids all over.


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Banana Baron

by Banana BaronBanana Baron 17 Jan 2012 22:27


Banana Baron is a blast of danceable kids pop fun wrapped up in a grand story of expedition, wonder and play!

Barry Louis Polisar

by Barry Louis PolisarBarry Louis Polisar 11 May 2011 04:07

Barry is an author, songwriter, story-teller and poet. A five-time Parents' Choice Award winner, Barry has written songs for Sesame Street and The Weekly Reader. He has been a regular musical performer on The Learning Channel and the star of an Emmy Award-winning television show for children.

Baze And His Silly Friends

by BazeBaze 10 May 2011 19:08

Multi–award winning Baze And His Silly Friends (BAHSF) are a super creative, super fun, and super duper talented Kindie rock band.

Ben Rudnick and Friends

by Ben RudnickBen Rudnick 16 May 2011 12:57

Ben Rudnick & Friends play the hippest family music around. With countless awards to their credit, including FIVE Parent’s Choice awards and an Independent Music Awards Peoples Choice for Best Children’s Music Album, their adventurous, high-energy blend of happy, upbeat acoustic music is guaranteed to entertain the entire family. Bending musical styles from country to bluegrass, rock to second-line New Orleans, their original songs and fun takes on familiar tunes make you sing, make you dance and make you happy. Join the fun! Contact moc.kcindurneb|neb#moc.kcindurneb|neb or visit for more information.

Big Bang Boom

by chuckfoldschuckfolds 17 Jan 2012 04:06

Big Bang Boom is a 3 piece power pop children’s music band from Greensboro, NC that plays parent-friendly children’s music. Chuck Folds, Steve Willard, and Eddie Walker each have toured extensively for over 20 years, playing thousands of shows and recording scores of albums. In 2008 they decided to expand their horizons and make music for their kids. They write with a strong pop sensibility, cleverly mixing pop, alternative, hip-hop, country, and other styles to create a sound that parents can enjoy, and lyrics everyone can relate to.

Captain Kangaroo

by Captain KangarooCaptain Kangaroo 11 Jan 2012 21:06

Network television's longest running children's television character, Captain Kangaroo, has returned to inspire, enthuse and empower a new generation of children. 2012 will see the launch of "KangarooTube", the Captain's own YouTube channel where he'll share music, stories, and gentle humor in the hopes of helping kids discover, and create for themselves, a world where "Curiosity Is the Key".

Cat And A Bird

by Cat and a BirdCat and a Bird 10 May 2011 04:29

Cat and a Bird is a musical project of Vasiliy Taranov who composed and performs on his debut children's album, bringing to the genre a blend of Russian folk, American rock and jazz music. A father himself, Vasiliy wanted to create fun songs that introduce children to a variety of sounds while providing parents an album they wouldn't mind listening to themselves (even if the kids do request it over and over and over…). He is joined by Emily Chimiak, a French/American artist, singer and violinist whose charming voice and beautiful artwork brings the animal characters and their adventures to life.

Charity and the JAMband

by charitykahncharitykahn 27 May 2011 20:46

From rock'n'roll to rock-a-bye, Charity and the JAMband create foot-stomping, body-shaking, party-making, heart-opening, mind-enhancing music for families. All original and award-winning, too!

Chris Molla/Fingerpaint Music

by chrismollachrismolla 21 Jul 2013 20:18


Christopher Molla is an independent composer, musician and educator who has been making music for children and their grownups for more than 20 years. While working on his bachelor of arts degree in music at UC Santa Cruz, he co-founded popular alt-rock band Camper Van Beethoven. During his tenure with C.V.B., he recorded albums, toured widely and enjoyed the status of a college-radio cult figure. After leaving the band, he went on to earn an MA in music composition at Mills College, where he studied with Anthony Braxton, Robert Ashley and David Rosenboom.

Chuck Cheesman

by Chuck CheesmanChuck Cheesman 10 Sep 2011 05:14

Chuck Cheesman is a songwriter and music educator based in Northern Arizona who is known for his clever songwriting and energetic performances. He began his career in children's music as a Wiggleworms instructor at Chicago's Old Town School of Folk Music. His latest CD is called Dancing With No Shoes On. It features ten original songs and three adaptations of traditional songs, and it was produced by Sam Zucchini of the Zucchini Brothers.

Coal Train Railroad

by billchildsbillchilds 07 Mar 2012 18:39

Coal Train Railroad is a Nashville-based quartet that writes and performs original jazz tunes that celebrate a variety of topics of interest to kids - dirt, snuggling, colds, battling superheroes in one’s underwear, bellybuttons, and days spent at the pool! The CTRR albums are recorded in East Nashville, TN by bassist/composer/producer Chris Donohue (Emmylou Harris/Collective Soul), and feature the charming and playful vocals of Katy Bowser along with a cast of stellar jazz musicians including Jeff Coffin (saxophonist with the Dave Matthews Band) and trumpeter Rod McGaha.

DidiPop: Great Kids Music

by didipopdidipop 18 May 2011 17:27

"What time is it? Let me see. Is it 2:15 or quarter to three?

Doctor Noize (Artist)

by Doctor NoizeDoctor Noize 14 Feb 2012 18:59


Dre Towey

by Dre ToweyDre Towey 14 Feb 2012 20:12

Welcome to my KINDY page!

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