Banana Baron

Banana Baron is a blast of danceable kids pop fun wrapped up in a grand story of expedition, wonder and play!


Banana Baron is a 4 piece band and show for explorers of every age about a living breathing Banana discovered by a very brave Baron in a dangerous Savannah. Combining music, puppetry, dance, imagination and wide wide world, we invite you to hop along, come with us on our grand adventure! The Baron's Bicycle Balloon, Jungle Jingle Trees, The Queen of Sheba, Birdseed, Two Peas in a Pod and much much more! Where we go, we never know!


Check us out this weekend! February 18th & 19th at Jalopy in Brooklyn, as a part of BUGFEST 2012. Tickets and info at: []


Head on over to [] for all kinds of fun! Watch a webisode (coming soon!). Join in on the Baron's latest expedition! Get hip on the next concert date! See you there.

Come the end of March, stay on the lookout for our self-titled album of fun and hilarity—you won't want to miss it! As our first official release, it will be available for digital download OR as a supremely excellent book, complete with cut-out puppets, activities, and of course, the music via download card.

Banana Baron is: Aaron Jones, Anna Jones, Jeff Hatcher and Tyler Phillips.
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Aaron Jones is a composer/performer based out of Brooklyn. He is also a teacher at Jitterbugs NYC in Brooklyn and a member of Karen K and the Jitterbugs (! He and his wife Anna are putting the finishing touches on the debut album/book of their kids band Banana Baron ( He recently collaborated on a new work with Otis Sallid and composer Ronobir Lahiri, for Perry-Mansfield School of the Performing Arts, entitled "The Moon", and also created a musical for the Perry-Mansfield Young Artists program, "Hércule's Labours of Love" with Anna. His experimental musical, "of Honey Bees and the Brevity of Such Things", ran at 17 Frost Theatre of the Arts in Brooklyn, in February, 2011. He is also the author of several operas, plays, and musicals, and creates music for dance, plays and film. He spent two years as the Artistic Director of the Papermill Theatre Children's Theatre and collaborated on 16 original musical adaptations for young audiences. The Joneses have written three musicals together, including recently a Christmastide musical, "Hail! Hail! Hail!", on commission by the Church of the Transfiguration in NYC. Aaron holds an MFA from NYU's Graduate Musical Theatre Writing Program.

Anna Ruth Nirmala Jones lives in Brooklyn, NY, and together with her husband Aaron she cooks, cleans, and writes. She attended NYU's Graduate Musical Theatre Writing program and after just two years of joy and hot falafel, found that she had earned a Masters of Fine Arts degree. She also attended Gordon College, a liberal arts Christian school near Boston, where she wrote poetry and tried to be inspired by nature. In September 2010 she performed her own work, at the request of William Finn, at Barrington's Centre for the Arts in Massachusetts, and Merkin Recital Hall in NYC. In February 2011, she and Aaron produced and performed their own work: a multimedia music theatre piece set in 1890, entitled "Of Honeybees and the Brevity of Such Things", about dirt poor turnip farmers who discover their fortune in a rare form of honey, and then realize both the stings and sweetness that success brings to a couple. In July 2011, the Jones' were commissioned to write a 25-minute musical for the Young Artists program at Perry Mansfield School of Performing Arts in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. They adapted the Greek myth of Hercules into a piece entitled 'Hércule's Labours of Love' about an unlikely middle-school hero and the Herculean tasks his classmates pressure him to perform in order to win the heart of his true love. It is fast-paced, upbeat, and a lot of fun!
Anna and Aaron are commissioned writers of sacred music for the young girl's choir at Church of the Transfiguration in Manhattan, where their 10-minute musical entitled 'Hail, Hail, Hail' about the Angel Gabriel's annunciation to Mary was performed this past Christmas.
Anna and Aaron are also co-creators of Banana Baron, a band and a show for children of all ages about a living breathing Banana discovered by a very brave Baron in a dangerous savannah. Their album of fun and hilarity will be released this coming March.

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