Baze And His Silly Friends

Multi–award winning Baze And His Silly Friends (BAHSF) are a super creative, super fun, and super duper talented Kindie rock band.

Baze And His Silly Friends


The Silliest, Funniest and most Rockinest band this side of the Equator!

Multi–award winning Baze And His Silly Friends (BAHSF) are a super creative, super fun, and super duper talented Kindie rock band.

Performing across the northeast at festivals, school events and private parties, these cats hit the stage at 1000 mph and take children and adults on the ride of lives with their energetic rockin' tunes!
No show is complete without tons of bubbles, laughs, hip shakin’ and toe tappin’ good time songs that will make even grandma get out of her rocking chair and boogie up those stairs.

Warning: BAHSF shows invoke hours of dancing and joy!

Their recorded music is equally as engaging as even the most stubborn
toddler can have a listen and suddenly turn into a jumping, dancing, grinning and guffawing little superstar.

BAHSF are influenced by an immense amount of styles that culminate into hooky, sing along & rockin' tunes that ANYONE can enjoy.

Based in Caldwell, NJ, Baze and His Silly Friends evolved from songs Baze would sing to his son's, Jude and Cole to keep them entertained. His goal is to give children music of their own to dance and sing to while helping them learn about the world in which they live and hoping to inspire
the next generation of musical performers.

To go hand in hand with the release of the first BAHSF album One Little Smile in 2006, Baze became a Proud Supporter of Autism Speaks.
A portion of each cd sale is donated to help raise Autism Awareness.

“This is your body” a key track off the Toddlerville cd has been a
featured video on HBO Family and their songs can be heard on radio stations around the country.

" One of the rising stars of children's music"

“Baze and His Silly Friends rocked a courtyard of parents with strollers and children with balloons, beating plastic tambourines and shaking plastic maracas” –The Jersey Journal

"BAHSF will have kids and parents dancing around the house" The Parents Choice Awards

“Not only is the music sophisticated enough for parents, the lyrics are fun and appropriate for kids! ” –A Mama’s Rant

Baze and His Silly Friends made my Annual Preschool Family Night special and an enormous success! Baze and His Silly Friends were able to engage the large group of children with welcoming song and encouraged the children to be part of the non stop musical fun! Children learn by doing, and Baze and His Silly friends certainly had the children fully engaged in the music.

Parents continually said “Thanks for giving us a fun filled evening to spend with our children” “I have never seen my child dance like that”

I would recommend this Baze and His Silly Friends over and over again.

Marybeth Intili
First Presbyterian Church Weekday Nursery School
Caldwell, NJ

"One Little Smile"
Doodle Hollow Records

Doodle Hollow Records
Oct. 2009

Winner of:
Parents Choice Recommended Seal Award!

Creative Child Seal Of Excellance Award

2009 Toyman Seal of approval

2009 Toyman EChoice Award

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