Boogie Bugs Music

A fun musical experience for kids from birth to age 6, educational, social - and a great time for you to share!
I write and play music for young kids, they're available online for free on youtube or you can come to classes if you're in my area!

We welcome all children, and believe that even before a child can speak or walk, they can share a lot with you through music, and as they continue to grow and learn, music can help with motor skills, balance, rhythm, letters, numbers, animals, colours etc. In the younger classes, parents/guardians stay and join in. It's a great social experience for you as well as your child and a great way to create a shared interest and develop new ways of playing, dancing and singing together. All requests and suggestions are gratefully accepted!!

Older children from age 3 - 6 have their own grown up class that you can drop them off to. We do lots of the stuff they're familiar with, and add some more educational material, and introduce them to the idea of performing, with some gentle musical games and exercises. All our activities are inclusive, designed to build confidence and create trust in the group. We don't play any musical games where children are singled out or excluded at any point.

Please remember that when you join the group, it will be a whole new experience for your child and many spend a week or two just watching before they are ready to participate fully in all the activities. Usually, the children settle in pretty quickly and learn the routine, songs and activities and are joining in completely in no time at all!!

As for the songs, they are yours to learn, share, teach to your group and enjoy. I only ask that you leave me a little comment to let me know you were there on fb or youtube. Most of the content on youtube is my own, but you'll occasionally see some familiar songs, like Christmas songs, or nursery rhymes for the very little. source

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