Central Canada


by vogelJoyvogelJoy 12 Jan 2012 11:52

What has 10 feet, a bundle of instruments, and toe-tapping songs for the whole family? vogelJoy, the family band from Southwestern Ontario, Canada! We are Terry & Kimberly Neudorf, and with our children Louisa, Oliver & Sophie we love to perform right in our own neighborhood and in places all across the country. We will travel!

Trout Forest Music Festival

by alphabetseanalphabetsean 23 May 2011 02:18

Trout Forest Music Festival, or "The Trout", is a weekend music festival that occurs in Ear Falls, Ontario every year on the second week in August. It is a small, intimate festival that runs three stages; one mainstage, one workshop stage (in the beer gardens), and one children's stage (depending on the funding available in any particular year, this stage may be cut). The crowds are not large, but very receptive. The volunteer base and staff of the festival are extremely helpful and enthusiastic. Part of the mission of The Trout is to showcase Canadian acts, making the content of the festival 100% Canadian.
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