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So I recently joined this potentially very cool wiki, discovered a lot of fine artists, found folks I know like Alison Faith Levy and Charity Kahn, and learned quite a bit about the current state of the kindie arena. From what I can tell, though, there's been almost no activity here for over a year at least. Seems to me this site has a lot of potential for a lot of valuable connections and discussion. I know everyone's busy, but if you're still paying attention to this wiki, give a holler.

Hello Out There by chrismollachrismolla, 27 Jul 2013 06:41

And I'm testing out a second reply to your excellent post.

The Dan Zanes show was excellent, thank you — I hope to post some pictures soon!

Thanks, Susie, for giving me the opportunity to practice my "reply" skills, by hitting that "Reply" link at the lower-right-hand part of the post.

i'm stepping up to fully support you starting the ball rollin' stefan. how was the dan zanes show in phx?

This is the first post.

The best and the worst post I have ever read.

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