Hey Dango

Hey Dango is a group of three space explorers and one wacky fun-loving alien named Dango. Dango loves to sing about language, science, math, individuality, healthy habits and social skills. A super sonic dance party, their music blends catchy vocal harmonies, surf guitar lines, retro organ riffs and bouncy grooves. The crew has returned to Earth and is now playing shows throughout the US. Keep your eyes peeled for their debut album due out by summer 2012. Visit Hey Dango on Facebook or SoundCloud for music, videos and more!


The Story:

In 2012 a group of three space explores blasted off from planet Earth. Their mission: Find the greatest singer in the Universe and start a band. They traveled over a million light years though galaxy after galaxy but could not find their singer. Just as they were about to give up, they heard the most wonderful voice from a small planet named Dango. The men quickly flew towards planet Dango. When t…hey arrived they saw an alien joyously singing and dancing by himself. He said his name was Dango and he loved singing more then anything else…even pizza! The crew told him their mission and Dango happily agreed to join the band. Before returning home the crew performed on over 30 different planets, and received the inter-planetary award for most fun band in the Universe! The crew has returned to Earth and is now playing shows throughout the US.

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