How to Add Your Stuff

You can — nay, should! — create a page for whatever it is you do in the kindie music world. To create a page, just register (upper right) and type the name of your entity (band name, radio show name, etc.) in the lower left corner where it says "Add a new page." Type in the information — some tips are here on formatting, links, etc. — and then, after you've saved the page, tag it (by clicking on "tags" at the bottom of the page). The two key things to tag with are your geography and the type of entity:

1. Geography: tag for your region and state. Regions are New-England (yes, you have to use the hyphen), NYC, Northeast Southeast, South, Southwest, Northwest, Midwest, California. For states, use the two-letter abbreviations. Please tag both your region and your state. If you're genuinely national (US) use National. For Canadian regions, please use Western-Canada, Prairies, Central-Canada, Quebec, and Eastern-Canada.

2. Types of entities: Artist, Radio, Venue, Promoter, PR, Label, Reviewer, News, Collaboration…if none of those describe you, create a new (easy and self-explanatory) tag and let us know.

3. Include all of the information that makes sense — contact information, website links, etc. Go to this "How to Edit Pages" page to learn a bit about how to edit pages. For detailed syntax (it's easier than it looks), visit this page.

4. Please have one summary paragraph at the top of each page. (Don't start off with an image, for example.) That's what will show up on the "Entity" pages and it's easier to look through then.

5.. Rock!

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