In the Nick of Time
In The Nick of Time is:
Nick Deysher- Guitar, Bass, Banjo, Keyboards, Saxophone, Recorder, Vocals, Production and Song Writing
Tracey Freitag Deysher- Vocals, Percussion

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For as long as he can remember, Nick Deysher (who records under the moniker In The Nick of Time) has been making music. The first instruments he mastered could be categorized as “stuff lying around the house,” a philosophy he continues to espouse in the lyrics to his song “Everything’s an Instrument.” More formal musical development took place at the age of five, when Nick started singing in his church choir. About that same time he began writing songs with titles like “Look at the Moon,” and within a few years his compositional range had expanded to include one of his favorites, a blues tune called “There’s a Hole in the Pocket of My New Blue Jeans.”

Nick counts it a major stroke of luck that he grew up in Westborough, Massachusetts, where he was able to attend an amazing public school, Westborough High School, which the GRAMMY Foundation named a GRAMMY Signature School in recognition of its outstanding commitment to music education. By the time he was nine, Nick was playing the saxophone, adding bass and guitar at age fifteen when he began playing in bands with his talented, guitar-playing brother, Seth. Says Nick, “We played everything from punk to funk, folk to rock. A big influence was my mom’s Beatles collection, along with Bob Marley, Johnny Cash, Paul Simon, Bob Dylan, and The Ramones.”

Nick began his work as a preschool teacher in 2000 at the LEAP school in Lexington. The creation of In The Nick of Time, and his career as a children's performer grew as a natural extension of his work in the classroom. He recorded two albums of music for his students, married his beautiful wife Tracey (who is now a full-time member of the group), and began performing concerts throughout New England.

In 2005 Nick moved to Coconut Grove, Florida to pursue a master’s degree in Media Writing and Studio Music Production at the University of Miami’s prestigious Frost School of Music, but he continued to maintain an active life as a children’s performer, often in the company of his wife, Tracey (who sings on his albums) and his dog, Lucy (who barks on his albums). The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences honored Nick in 2006 for his contribution to children’s music by presenting him with the prestigious Fred Rogers Memorial Scholarship. This enabled him to build his studio and further his career as a recording artist.

2007’s Coconut Groove, achieved great success across the nation and on iTunes. The music video for "The Dinosaur Song" has gone on to receive over 350,000 views on YouTube. Nick’s 2009 release, People, Places and Things, was honored with a Parents’ Choice® Gold Award. Of his new album, Making Silly Faces, Nick declares enthusiastically, “It rocks pretty hard! The material’s a bit more mature, but I’m sure the real wee ones will still enjoy it. The title track is sort of ‘Spearhead for kids.’ I think parents of my generation will dig the sounds of the 70s and 80s, but there’s also more current material. Fans of Lady Gaga won’t be disappointed!” Making Silly Faces has gone on to achieve similar praise and success in the media winning 1st Place and The Editor’s Choice in the She Knows Parenting Awards as well as being named one of Parents Magazine’s Top 10 Albums of the Year. In The Nick of Time has appeared on NBC 6 in Miami for their Live Miami @ 11 news magazine program as well as on WERS Boston and WXOJ in Northampton.

In The Nick of Time on NBC 6 Miami
The Dinosaur Song Video with over 350,000 views!

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