Real Roots Music for Kids!

Jambo is a musical journey that transports you though the roots of American music. One part Mississippi Delta, one part New Orleans street corner, and one part Chicago juke joint, JAMBO is all parts fun. The songs speak to children’s imaginations. They are about growing up, sharing, and the inclusion of all children. They promote self-esteem, independence, and celebrate individuality. And, of course, some are just about dancing and having fun.

JAMBO is …

Steve Pierson (Vocals, Guitar, Slide Guitar), Melinda Leigh McGraw (Vocals and Assorted Knick Knacks), Mike "The Murph" Murphy (Keyboards), Philip Bynoe (Bass Guitar), and Herman Mathews (Drums).

With Special Guests: Laurence Juber, Herb Pedersen, Steve Gregan, Veronica Puleo, Gary Malaber, David Leach, Tor Hyams, Steve Ferrone, Justin Asher, Lynn Davis, Phil Chen, and Granville Ames.


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