Jr. Madness

If you invited Bob Marley, Pete Seeger, And Billy Joe Armstrong over for tea and crumpets, but instead they created a rockin' band in your playroom, this is what it might sound like. Rippin' folk songs for a new generation (as well as a few o-rig-i-nals).

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Where did Jr. Madness come from???

Here's the real story.

In the dark days of 2011, on a wintery night, in a little hospital room in Georgia a new breed was born. One that would bring awesome music to all the children of the world! No longer would kids have to watch strange people in costumes sing songs, taking out all excitement and fun out of each note to create an auditory blah. No, this new breed would bring back the lost art of excitement, fun, and moving to awesome music. Guitars, drums, speakers, skateboards and a special secret ingredient. REAL music was born once again! Injected and fortified with all that a kid wants. Singing, dancing, creating, laughing, and imagination. Folk songs with energy, just like they used to be (as well as a few o-ri-gi-nals). Zany zaniness. Silly silliness. And. PURE FUN!

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