Recess Monkey

Recess Monkey is a trio of elementary school teachers from Seattle, WA known for their high energy shows, prolific recording and diverse musical influences.

Daron, Drew and Jack met while teaching at the same Seattle school and soon learned how to mesh their indie rock roots with their day jobs as teachers. That was seven years and eight albums ago! Still actively teaching, the band plays throughout the school year and tours nationally on a regular basis. They work to include kids in every phase of the recording process, from writing songs to inviting them to sing on select songs.


Their 2011 album "Flying" earned a spot on dozens of year end "Best Of" lists, including the #1 album of the year as voted by the fids-and-kamily. Recess Monkey has earned significant airplay on SiriusXM's Kids Place Live, and frequently has guest hosted there. The band often works in collaboration with other kindie artists, including the six bands who make up the Seattle kindiependent Collective. They've invited dozens of peers to play on their albums.

The band is also regrettably known for their charming but consistently overbearing hand puppet band manager Mayor Monkey, who now stars in his own web series, Minute With MayMo. In addition, Recess Monkey frequently makes music videos which they hope will overshadow their manager's unfortunate video contributions.


General Contact: moc.yeknomssecer|dnab#moc.yeknomssecer|dnab
National Booking (John Waldman): ten.tsacmoc|thginKtaerG#ten.tsacmoc|thginKtaerG
Washington/Oregon Booking (Jack Forman): moc.yeknomssecer|gnikoob#moc.yeknomssecer|gnikoob

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