Rick Huddle

Rick Huddle engages audiences with performances of song, story, and games.

When 5-year old Ricky’s kindergarten teacher asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up, he replied, “A clown- so I can make people laugh.”

He doesn’t wear a red nose or floppy shoes, but he has made lots of people laugh- tens of thousands of kids and adults- all over the United States.

He’s a captivating storyteller, a gifted dancer, and can play the guitar, dulcimer, 6-string ukulele, and nose flute (but usually not at the same time). He provides fun, lively, and thoughtful performances that leave audiences of all ages laughing.

He has previously worked as a late-night teen counselor, an after-school activities coordinator, a preschool teacher, a mechanical engineer (no kidding), a landscaper, a convenience store clerk, and a mail sorter.

Rick has performed at theaters and festivals from: Exit Stage Left (San Francisco), The Little Theater (Seattle), Long Island Children’s Museum (NY), Warehouse Next Door (DC), the NW Folklife Festival (Seattle), the Bay Area Storytelling Festival (SF), and Portland’s Tapestry of Tales Festival.

He lives in Portland, Oregon with his talented and charming wife, Kristin, and their grouchy and occasionally endearing cat, Fozzie. He loves visiting coffee shops to write, eat bagels, and listen in on other people’s conversations.

“Uncover your light and show who you really are, not who you’re ‘supposed’ to be.”- Rick Huddle
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