Sarah Gardner

Sarah Gardner is a children's entertainer in the Boston area (New-England) Sarah was raised in a musical family surrounded by spontaneous jams, traveling to her Dad's dixieland jazz gigs, often with her sister Abbie of Red Molly. Educated at Berklee College of Music and Emerson College, she played in rock and jazz bands since the age of 15. Upon becoming a mom she discovered the joy of children’s music. She has since taught and performed music for kids, touring in the summer to festivals, libraries and preschools. She recently teamed up with Boston Bluegrass Union to present Tot Bluegrass, an interactive program for kids too young to join the Bluegrass Academies at festivals.

Music with Sarah is:
Music with Babies * Toddler Music * Preschool Music * Piano Lessons
Festivals, Events, Library Shows.

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