Snapdragon Seeds

Snapdragon Seeds Music is an upbeat, fun children’s educational music project that teaches rhymes, patterns, synonyms, sentence structure, songwriting, movement and the intellectual power of asking questions. My main message is that we all need to keep learning because the world needs smart people.

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I began performing children’s educational music at Minnesota Children’s Museum (MCM) in 2004. MCM serves 400,000 visitors from around Minnesota every year and I have logged hundreds of hours performing for them through two programs: Draw the Music and Music on the Move.

Draw the Music is an improvisational art and music program during which kids are encouraged to think creatively. While improvising melodies on my guitar I ask the children questions such as, “Is red a slow color or fast color?” and “What kind of animal would sing this song?” The kids get a spark and answer, “It’s a super fast color,” and “A crocodile would sing this song.” Right away, they are taking part in the creative process. Over the years of performing this program I have served thousands of Minnesota families at the Museum.

During the fall of 2009 at the Museum, the staff designed a program called Music on the Move for me to perform during their busiest season. In contrast to Draw the Music, which takes place in one gallery, Music on the Move allows me to perform while traveling through the exhibits: like a traveling troubadour interacting with Museum visitors in each of the galleries. It gives a unique chance to create a customized personal experience for children and families based on their individual experiences at that time.

I have created my own music program. Songwriting ABC is an interactive songwriting session that gives children and their families the tools to write their own songs on the spot. Participants provide key words to me, select their favorite musical keys and set the mood of the song (e.g., ‘play this one like a manatee on vacation!’). Then I play the song they just wrote on my guitar and they sing along.

A few of the songs from my debut album, released August 2011, were born from these improvisational sessions with toddlers and preschoolers. I will spend this next year interacting and creating new songs for library and museum visitors. I will compile new music for my forthcoming album. Developing this additional product will generate more revenue, furthering my success. The additional songs will connect me with my audience on a deeper level.

For more than 20 years I have been writing and performing original music. I have performed throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin, as well as in Chicago, St. Louis and Louisville. In 2010, one of my bands, i with us, won a songwriting contest sponsored by the City Pages, in partnership with the Guthrie Theatre. Winning that award, now two years ago has allowed me to take a large step in my career as a performing musician. My goal is to propel my ideas of music and education even further.

With the birth of my son in January 2010, I began to write more children’s music and decided to branch off on a solo kids music career. Having worked in schools and museums I saw firsthand the need for music education and knew a children’s music education program would connect with bigger and more diverse audiences at live performances. The true joy of being a creative performer is to see smiling faces dancing to my music.

Anyone can be creative, and creativity can be applied to many facets of our daily lives. Creativity can also be used in practical ways as a problem-solving tool in school, work and family. My music sparks creative connections and my audience is growing.

Since the release of my most recent album, Snapdragon Seeds, I have been able to easily schedule performances and my music is gaining popularity. My songs have the right educational component because the libraries, which have a rigorous performer application process, have accepted me as an approved performer for their audiences. Snapdragon Seeds is poised for great success and I am on schedule to have another successful year as a professional performing musician, bringing my educational music to young audiences that need it.

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