Jr. Madness

by JrMadnessJrMadness 19 Sep 2013 17:27


If you invited Bob Marley, Pete Seeger, And Billy Joe Armstrong over for tea and crumpets, but instead they created a rockin' band in your playroom, this is what it might sound like. Rippin' folk songs for a new generation (as well as a few o-rig-i-nals).

Rachel Sumner

by Rachel SumnerRachel Sumner 15 Apr 2012 05:17

When songwriter and entertainer Rachel Sumner performs, it’s extremely common to see toothy grins, hear contagious giggles and high-pitched squeals of delight. Her songs and stories are enjoyed by parents, educators, and librarians too. Rachel's recordings for families have garnered numerous national and international awards. They have also aired on The Learning Channel, PBS stations, radio, satellite, and her own weekly radio show for children “Rachel’s Fun Time.”

Big Bang Boom

by chuckfoldschuckfolds 17 Jan 2012 04:06

Big Bang Boom is a 3 piece power pop children’s music band from Greensboro, NC that plays parent-friendly children’s music. Chuck Folds, Steve Willard, and Eddie Walker each have toured extensively for over 20 years, playing thousands of shows and recording scores of albums. In 2008 they decided to expand their horizons and make music for their kids. They write with a strong pop sensibility, cleverly mixing pop, alternative, hip-hop, country, and other styles to create a sound that parents can enjoy, and lyrics everyone can relate to.


by (user deleted) 09 Dec 2011 07:05

Soundzania is a loosely bound group of Dads who were at one time in rock and roll bands. Two years after band-mates Scott Flory, Ken Hougasian, and Lee Parker gave up the late nights and smoky-club lifestyle of a rock band, all three began enjoying the late nights and smelly-diaper lifestyle of fatherhood. During this time, Scott, Ken and Lee each lovingly created music to make their kids smile (or, in some cases, sleep). After rave reviews from their own children, they set out to create Soundzania.

The Saturday Morning Cereal Bowl

by daveloftindaveloftin 09 May 2011 23:22

The Saturday Morning Cereal Bowl a weekly 2-hour internet-radio show streaming at 8am ET on WAWL. A podcast of the show is available through Podbean. Weekly playlists and (hopefully) other kindie insights, reviews, etc. are here.

Gooney Bird Kids

by billchildsbillchilds 07 May 2011 13:03

It's a blog, it's an online radio station, it's a news source, it's everything! And it's awesome. Enter the Gooney Bird Empire here.

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