Splash'N Boots

Canadian breakthrough children’s performers, Splash'N Boots, have been bringing their infectious melodies into the lives of families around the globe. Hailed as the “U2 of children’s entertainment” and awarded Children's Music Group of the Year, the cutting-edge duo recently achieved a major career milestone, gaining national exposure on Treehouse TV for their music video “For the Love of Dance”.  Subsequently, the two landed a cross-Canada theatre tour – Roll Play Live Animal Party – with the popular children's network, also slated for national broadcast over the next six years.
Starting out as a 2004 Queen's University class project, Splash'N Boots  — the young married couple otherwise known as Nick and Taes- have five CDs and two full-length DVDs under their belts and show no signs of slowing down. With their 5th compilation, “Back In Yellow”, having already sold over 2,000 copies, every Splash'N Boots album to-date has been saluted with awards, in some cases beating out household name entertainers for the honours.
Performing internationally over 200 days of the year in places ranging from Nunavut to Italy, Splash'N Boots always find time to stay connected with their fans. With a high-energy show tailored to make both children and parents sing, dance and laugh together, the duo is always enthusiastic to meet the families who came out to their performances. Splash'N Boots remain just as dedicated to their fans as their fans are to them.

From social media, to their online kitchen jams, to their philanthropy with organizations such as Sick Kids Hospital, the couple has proven to have a genuine talent and passion for their craft both on and off the stage. Whether on home soil or abroad, their music crosses borders, transcends languages and reaches each and every person in the audience. Innovation, creativity, and an undeniably fresh approach to children’s entertainment continue to keep Splash'N Boots current and loving what they do.

Website: http://www.splashnboots.com
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Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/splashnboots
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