StarFish is changing the face of family-friendly entertainment and making the young – and young at heart - sing, dance, and play air guitar. This 5-piece band electrifies kids' music and gives parents the opportunity to share a real rock concert experience with their children. With such lively songs as "Stop, Drop and Rock and Roll," "Air Guitar," and "The StarFish Stomp," StarFish gives kids' music a classic rock makeover.
Based in Maplewood, NJ, StarFish consists of 5 life long musicians (who are also dads) who aim to bring a little bit of rock and roll to the little ones. The band performs original, energetic, classic rock-based tunes with kid-friendly lyrics covering such familiar territory as sibling rivalry, school rules, and fun times with friends. Parents are StarFish fans too, and enjoy musical nods to a wide range of rock influences, such as Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, Phish, and Tom Petty.

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