Steve Elci

Welcome to a children's music experience like none before. Steve Elci and Friends from Connicticut bring you their own special “Edu-tainment”. Guaranteed to leave your hands clapping and your toes tapping, Steve Elci and Friends provide an educational kid’s rock and roll show that leaves parents and children smiling and singing. Combining original rock and roll music with an interactive presentation that gets everyone out of their seats, Steve Elci and Friends take you on a journey across the land, under the sea, into space, and deep into your imagination. An energetic show with great themes, Steve Elci and Friends guarantee to teach kids about language, imagination, and the world around us, but with a show so full of fun, everyone will leave smiling.

My vision or philosophy of my work can be summed up from the made-up word called "Edutainment". Edutainment is "learning through music". Kids and adults come to dance and have fun at my shows. They get so immersed in having a good time, they don't even realize they are leaving with a lesson. After my performances, children and adults feel inspired and compelled to learn and grow together and as individuals.

My willingness to perform knows no boundaries; the stage is the ultimate place for me to express myself. When I perform, it is a chance for me to connect with my audience and interact with them with original songs, educational messages and fun creative dance steps. I make myself available to perform at all times, no gig is too small or too big and they are all equally important. My daily job is designed to accommodate my networking with organizers and non-profit organizations so I can create events and fundraisers through musical performances. All events I have been a part of have become a positive influence in southeastern Connecticut and the fabric of our music and arts community.

History as an artist:
1989 and 2009 - Organized the fundraisers “Harmony for the Homeless" Rock and roll concerts for the St. James Homeless Shelter and New London Food Pantry at Waterford High School. Both concerts had radio and newspaper coverage and exceeded fundraising goals.
2004 - Recorded a song titled "Submarine Town," which played a part in the Save the Groton CT Submarine Base political campaign with Connecticut Governor M. Jodi Rell, U.S. Senators Andrea Stillman and Christopher Dodd, and then U.S. Congressman Rob Simmons. In May of 2005, New York Times reporter Bill Yardley wrote about Steve in an article called "Hey, Didn't the Beatles Sing about a Submarine?
2005 - Recorded a song called "Christmas Time" which was for "The Chimneys of New London" a Connecticut based Christmas CD featuring all local New London artists. The song "Christmas Time" was entered into the Unisong International Songwriting Contest where it became an Honorable Mention Winner internationally! (2005-2006).
2006 - Recorded a composition for the National PTA called "Every Child One Voice" as a fund-raiser for the association. The song was sold nationally for about three months before the end of the school year in 2007. Steve performed all over New England for PTA functions in support of the fundraiser, including at the National PTA New England Convention and Leadership Conference. March 16 - 17, 2007 in Manchester, NH.
2011 - Placed second in the 'John Lennon International Songwriting Contest' with the song "Bicycle"
2011 - Placed Second in the Earth Day Network contest 'Music for the Earth' with the song "Earth Day"
2011 - First released children's CD "Vowels" CD wins the 'Parents Choice Award'

Thank you for your consideration,

Steve Elci
New London, CT

For more information please visit;
Cell; 860-705-2417

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