Back when Kindie music was just called kids music, my brother asked me if I could write a few educational songs for his first grade class. I was a corporate business consultant at the time, but my inner songwriter was begging (in A, A, B, A form) to get out, so I took on the challenge. I had an absolute blast writing the songs and even more fun recording them with some rock band friends in their basement before sending them off to school (the songs, not the rock band friends). My brother called to report that the whole school was rocking out to the tape (yes, tape, that's how long ago it was - we're talking BASF chrome). The kids were listening and singing and even learning - they wanted to know when more tunes were coming. I made copies and sent them out to more teachers and parents. Positive feedback and more inspiration soon followed, so against the thoughtful advice of my accountant, I decided to "quit my day job" and pursue a career in kids music.

- Steve goes back to school for this new music video, Recess Rocks, the theme song for a new national initiative to help stem the tide of the childhood obesity epidemic. Getting kids moving while they learn by integrating dynamic, aerobic lessons and songs into the daily classroom lessons.

This is where the bio changes from first to third person - because I find it uncomfortable talking about myself too much:

In 1998, Steve created SteveSongs and since then has recorded 7 award winning albums and has performed 1000's of shows in most of these 50 United States, including performances at the White House, Fenway Park and St Jude's Children's Hospital. In 2008 Steve took on an exciting new role as Mr. Steve, the music teacher host of PBS Kids programming in the morning - seen nationwide by millions of families each week. Steve and his songs are proud to be featured regularly on the wacky and wonderful Kids Place Live (Sirius/XM Radio), performing in the Rumpus Room, filling in as guest DJ, and even singing the theme song for Robbie Shaffer's Bandwagon.

Hear the new song "Bubbles" performed live in the Rumpus Room on Kids Place Live (2/6/12)

This year marks the exciting first release of a SteveSongs album since he first started hanging out with Curious George on PBS.
Orangutan Van is scheduled to drop in late Spring 2012. He again teams up with his uber talented producer and co-writer Anand Nayak and the always understated Silly Vanilli (just back from his European book tour - "Ventriloquism for Dummies") He also collaborates with some new friends, including Gaby Alter (writer of the acclaimed musical "Band Geeks") and Secret Agent 23 Skidoo as well as a host of young everyday heroes who called into the Absolutely Mindy radio show to help write the song Superhero Me and You. You can check out some rough mixes of the new tunes here:

"Superhero Me and You"
"Our Tune"
"A is for Silly"

Steve will be rounding up the band again for recording and touring the new album. Anand Nayak from the Daisy Mayhem Band on Electric guitar and uke, Stack on vocal drums and bass (how does he do that!?), Gaby Alter on keys, Matt Steckler from Dead Cat Bounce on horns, and the sensational sillies on backing vocals.

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Winner of multiple Parents' Choice Gold awards and NAPPA honors, Steve's songs blend smart lyrics, catchy
melodies and thoughtful messages into fun and coincidentally educational songs. Orangutang Van will come on the heels of the compilation CD PBS Kids Rocks (with artists like the Weepies and Ozomatli) and his first picture book, The Shape Song Swingalong

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