String Celebration

String Celebration is a husband and wife duo that performs educational music programs for elementary grades PK - 5th. Living in central North Carolina, they perform throughout VA, NC, TN, SC and GA.

As a certified teacher (BS, MA, Elementary Education), former Kindermusik® instructor and licensed Musikgarten® instructor, Beth Corzine combines professional classroom skills with her command of many instruments, including 12-string guitar, bowed psaltery, lap and hammered dulcimers and a variety of percussion items. Ken Lankford’s long experience in musical entertainment and writing has earned him appearances on television, radio and before many groups in the U.S. and Canada. He is also a licensed Musikgarten® instructor and a guitar teacher. The duo’s vocal blends combine traditional and original material with clever musical arrangements to keep the audience eager to hear and learn more. (See [] for more information.)

Check Out These Shows!

Read for Your Life!

From Dr. Seuss to Shel Silverstein to “Alphabet Soup” to “Puff The Magic Dragon,” let String Celebration thrill, delight and inspire your K-2 and 3-5 students with music and stories for a literacy block you’ll never forget. Using a blend of musical story telling and poetry (with props and sound effects), String Celebration covers such topics as inference, rhyme, rhythm, character and developing one’s original ideas.
The show’s central message to students is: “Your ideas can be worthwhile, and you can create a poem, a story or a song – try, and never give up!”


Multicultural Musical Mix

In this show we share songs from many different countries, such as Mexico, Africa, Scotland, Ireland, Germany, England and China. Many of our songs come from early America, brought here by immigrants from various countries around the world. Some are funny, others are serious, some are sing-a longs and others are for listening. The purpose of this program is to expose students to music of many lands, but also to help them understand how other cultures influence their own lives and traditions.


String Show

Designed differently for grades K-2 and 3-5, this program covers vibration and sound, rhythm and musical tone, melody and harmony, poetic lyrics and instruments, including the easiest one — the voice. More than a dozen different instruments are used in the program, including lap dulcimer, bowed psaltery, djembe drum, bodhran, banjo, hammered dulcimer and 12-string and 6-string guitars. The duo combines humor with audience participation to help students retain the material as they enjoy the program.

Sounds of Science

Designed to support the K-5 science curriculum, “Sounds of Science” uses original songs to help teach lessons about phenomena such as gravity, animal habitats, sound and vibration, weather, animal classification, the rock cycle, the solar system and the water cycle.

Character Rules!

Designed to align with the state’s criteria for character education programs, “Character Rules!” uses songs and stories to accent Respect, Responsibility, Integrity, Perseverance, Courage and Justice, with a particular emphasis on bullying. “Character Rules!” will engage the children with memorable songs and stories that support and enhance the character education lessons taught in your classrooms and in life.

Show and Tell!

What's the buzz?!

“The teachers are telling me today that yours is one of the best programs we have ever had! I was so excited because it was exactly what they were studying. It is evident that you have teaching experience because you knew just how far to go with audience participation and still keep the students calm. Thank you for coming our way! It was a great musical/educational/fun/exciting science lesson!”

Dawn Neely, Principal
Hendrix Elementary School, Spartanburg, SC

“We thoroughly enjoyed your presentation. The integration of the literature, story elements and strategies to help understand what is being read or in this case, listened to, were FANTASTIC! Listening comprehension is a very important aspect of learning. Overall I have to give 2 thumbs up. I would certainly recommend for you to come back again.”

Meghann Boyd, NBCT, Third Grade Teacher
Creekside Elementary School, Winterville, NC

“Your strings , musical, literary presentation was absolutely fantastic! I heard teachers and students talking about it for days after your visit. Your ability to involve students with FUN LEARNING is truly a gift, and I know that every child walked out of there more enriched. I, as a teacher, really felt like a kid again! We loved it! Thanks once again for visiting and providing our students with a meaningful program.”

Sheri Dolan, 4th Grade Teacher
Penn Forest Elementary School, Roanoke, VA

“The shows that STRING CELEBRATION performs are educational and entertaining. Your students will not soon forget what they learned and how much they enjoyed each program. Your teachers will love the connections to reading, social studies, science, and character education that the programs present. Please let your students experience the joy and learning that result from a visit by STRING CELEBRATION.”

Don West, General Music K-5
Manning Elementary School, Roanoke Rapids, NC

"I can't stop remembering that song!"

Alex, age 5
Dillard Primary School, Madison, NC

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