The Good Miss Padgett

Fun-time songs for babies and children and parents. Songs of advice for diaper-wearers. Songs of commiseration for the sleepless nights of teething. Lullabies. And dance party jams.


The Good Ms. Padgett is a musical project for babies and young children that started in Brooklyn, New York when preschool teacher and songwriter Anna Padgett first became a mom. A collaboration with musicians from Anna's grown up band, the Naysayer, the The Good Ms. Padgett features Ruth Keating and Matt Sutton (the Malarkies, Ida) and James Baluyut (+/-, Versus). The 18 original songs on the first record capture the experiences of babies, young children, and parents in simple arrangements that are both silly and lovely. Dance like a doodlebug! Jump like a baby duck! Locate your nose! Learn the famous "fificlap!" All with the Good Ms. Padgett!

Her second release, The Good Miss Padgett Sings The Little Red Hen, is out now.

(And don't worry about the BAD Ms. Padgett. She is somewhere on Queens Boulevard, playing tricks and messing up the toys, and she is NOT coming over!!!!)

Songs from the first record can be previewed at

The title track of the new record can be heard at

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