The Great Holtzie

The Great Holtzie is only real stand up comedian for kids, 3-10. Holtzie has thrown the rules of children's comedy entertainment out the window. Gone are the goofy costumes, creepy makeup and condescending tone. From the absurd to classic slapstick, The Great Holtzie's jokes captivate everyone, from preschoolers to parents. Whether Holtzie is arguing with a See n’ Say or taking a bite out of a “worm burger,” his hysterical routine keeps even the most active children (and clock watching parents) glued to their seats. The Great Holtzie's sharp comedy reflexes guarantee fits of laughter and screams of delight.

"He’s like Steve Martin for five-year-olds, complete with zany props, help from the audience, and cultural references for the kindergarten set. Parents think he’s cool, too!"
-Philadelphia Magazine

"The Great Holtzie is edgy and funny. He's retained a part of his childhood that we can all recognize as part of our own. To my knowledge, he's the first stand up comedian for kids and families."
-Ezra Idlet, Trout Fishing In America

"When he was a kid, Holtzie was a total pain in the neck!"
-Barbara Holtz, Holtzie's mother

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