The Happy Racers

The Happy Racers |ˈhapē ˈrāser|
adjective + noun

1) a fast moving, adventurous band, that makes alternative music for kids.

2) an imaginative & accepting state of mind.

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It's tough for a band to find a name that really fits. When I asked my daughter, Sofia, what she would name her rock band when she grew up, she said, "The Happy Racers!" In an instant moment of clarity, a 5 year old girl just named a band in less than 3 seconds. The invention and creation of The Happy Racers debut album, 'Ready Set Go', was forged on the same principle in which the name was found; less thinking more feeling.

Twenty years in music and my growing career have all been built on the same idea: if you follow what you feel, success will follow. I began playing clubs and bars when I was 16 and have since toured all over the world as an artist, including the U.S., Europe, Canada, Puerto Rico, Honduras and Israel. Many of my songs have been recorded by other bands/artist and as a producer/writer/artist, I've created songs for movies and a wide range of television networks including MTV, CBS, Oxygen, E! and ABC. Now the proud father of two children (Sofia and Cohen), I can add one more achievement to the growing list - lead singer of an alternative kids' music band….CHECK.

One early morning in 2008, while having Cheerios and O.J., my kids and I playfully wrote the song, "All My Friends," which proved to be the start of this entire project. Nearly two-and-a-half yearsand twenty songs later! my vision of what this album could be, became clear. I enlisted the help of several of my go-to studio musicians for pop and rock sessions and my Grammy nominated mixer/engineer brother in law, Mark Niemiec, to help make the record. I had a ton of talent in the room but I gotta say, having two children around the studio while we were making the record was awesome. It immediately became apparent that If they shook what their mamma gave them when we hit play, we were in good shape. And luckily, there was a lot of shaking what mamma gave them! You need a good compass when you're making a record and it was liberating to have a 5 year old for a compass.

The concept for this kid-loving project was led by my father, Grammy winning publisher, Mark Meckel. He assembled a talented team of day dreamers and chance takers: award-winning children's author Barbara Joosse; longtime friend and twice nominated Grammy songwriter, Burton Collins; New York Times best-selling children's author Peter Reynolds and myself at the creative helm as the producer. "Lovabye Dragon", "Hip Hooray Parade" and "Doghouse Jamboree" have been paired with new children's picture books authored by Joosse. The books and the songs reaffirm one another. The books become illustrated version of the songs, while the songs become audio versions of the books.

Some of the songs I wrote on my own, but I also logged a few miles writing this album. We wrote at Fable Vision in Boston, Barbara's studio in Cedarburg, WI and of course my home base of, Nashville. This project honestly went from a "yeah kind of, maybe, ok I'll do it" kind of thing and turned into what I feel is one of the most unique and creative projects I've ever created. My goal was to make a great alternative children's record that kids love and one that adults actually do too. Hopefully this music will be inspiring you too, to shake what your mamma gave you.
-Nathan Meckel


"As an educator, I couldn't help but visualize what a great resource this CD is for elementary teachers. With "Move Your Body" playing, students would enthusiastically do their exercising as never before; Too often teachers have failed to capitalize on the power of music to enhance learning. Here is a tool, created with kids in mind, that fills the bill. No teacher should be without it."
-Dr. John Lounsbury, The John H. Lounsbury Award for Distinguished Service is the highest award given by the Association for Middle Level Education (AMLE).

"I knew that with Nathan producing this CD, it would turn out great and be fun for kids. What I didn't know, was that it would be great and fun for us grown-up kids too."
-Blue Miller, Grammy Award winning artist & producer

"Nathan Meckel and The Happy Racers’ new CD engages young learners, heightens their dreams, and soothes their souls. “Move Your Body,” “Hip Hooray Parade,” and “Dinki Dinki-Di” practically pull children to their feet to dance with the music. “Doghouse Jamboree” is an absolute delight for anyone who has and/or loves dogs. And as a science teacher, I absolutely love “What in the World” and “My Back Yard.”
“Failure’s A Myth” and “I Want to Dream,” have important adult messages that teach children fundamental lessons about believing in themselves and in their ideas. I plan to buy copies not only for my grandchildren but also to play when I present workshops on motivating young learners."
-Dr. Debbie Silver, award-winning educator with 30 years experience as a classroom teacher, staff development instructor, and university professor

"Like an Americana Archies… The Happy Racers are the kind of fun both kids and parents can all groove out to and not grow out of."
-Shark, Radio DJ of Los Angeles based show, ‘All Time is Now’

"Great playing, vocals, writing and very cool production. That guy has a very bright future!"
-Michael Bryant, Vice President at Sony Media

"Although it’s his first kids record, it seems Nathan Meckel has already mastered the art of walking the fine line between adult and children’s music. Honestly, we can’t gloat enough about this yummy new children’s album, yet as they say, ‘the proof of the pudding is in the eating’ or in this case, the listening, so we implore you to click & play!"
-Jacie & Jeep, Kids Rock Nashville 107.1 FM

"Our students had been introduced to “Doghouse Jamboree” They were thrilled to dance along to the music. Our students will hold this experience as one of those “I remember when” events from their elementary years."
-Donnell Vogel, Reading Specialist, Kiel Area School District

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