The Harmonica Pocket

When The Harmonica Pocket takes the stage, audiences don't just sit back to be entertained. The show delivers highly interactive experiences that get children (and their grownups) singing and moving in their seats.

The Harmonica Pocket loves a good picnic.

With swinging story-songs, hula hoops, and a suitcase of props, The Harmonica Pocket mixes up Music, Dance, and Imagination Games into a gigglish live performance. Audiences are invited in to the performance by becoming a tree on a windy day, creating lyrics to songs as they are played, and making hilarious sounds as they toss around an imaginary “Ball of Nothing.”

The gentle, acoustic show is sprinkled with wah-wah guitar, ukulele, jaw harp, washboard percussion, harmonicas, and an invented instrument called a “Hinklehorn” – part kazoo, part plumbing fixtures. Zany skits, dance, hula hoop, spinning flags, and a waltz with a pumpkin (in season) wrap Harmonica Pocket shows up with a thoughtful, playful bow.

The Harmonica Pocket's last Kindie release "Ladybug One" won a Parent's Choice Award. The album's genre-crossing originals and twists on traditional folk songs were recorded at The Harmonica Pocket's solar powered recording studio. Renown kid's music blogger Warren Truitt of Kids Music That Rocks said "You won't hear arrangements like this on any other album for children."

The Harmonica Pocket has charted on core college and non-commercial CMJ radio stations around the country, is being played on satellite radio, MTV and other cable stations, and is currently being downloaded all over the planet.

The Harmonica Pocket has performed for busloads of children and adults in theaters, clubs, classrooms, libraries, and festivals nationally and internationally.

Put on a funny hat and come find out what everybody is smiling about.

Keeth Monta Apgar
(206) 355-8239

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