The Mighty bUZZniks

The Mighty bUZZniks make smart and edgy music for kids who like to rock. Their songs are full of energy, fun and complexity mixing an array of instruments, diverse sounds and fabulous harmonies that present a rich world of music to children.

In 2006, musician and screen composer, Jamie Saxe set out to make infectiously fun music that bridged the gap between pre-school and teen pop. So he got together with his favourite musicians and created a band that play with all the rock goodness of grown up music but aimed at children.
Their lyrics create surreal musical stories and humour delivered with Dr Seuss-like wackiness that encapsulates a child’s world. Songs about bullying, saving the environment, seasick pirates, giant talking chickens and tree hugging robots are set against rock, bluegrass, brass bands, hip-hop, psychedelia and electro-pop.
The bUZZniks consist of musicians from renowned bands such as Vulgargrad, Blue Grassy Knoll and Checkerboard Lounge. They have written soundtracks for film and children’s television, teach music to kids and deliver unique music programs for children that tour around the world.
With their wild stage antics and power packed shows, they have garnered a reputation as a dynamic addition to family entertainment at festivals around Australia.
The bUZZniks are to kid's music what hundreds & thousands are to fairy bread.

They have had a song appear on Putumayo's Jazz Playground and their debut album 'The Great Space Circus' and new album 'BUG OUT' are available on iTunes and CD baby.

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