The Raytones

**What do you get when you cross 1 part Rhino, 4 parts musical genius and 5 parts fun?

A perfect 10! (Or at least that is what these fans said)**


I would like to introduce to you the wonderful, fantastical, magical and mystical, RAYTONES!

The Raytones are a group of experienced musicians who have devoted their careers to helping children of all ages (including the grown up ones) sing, dance and find fun in all sorts of things.

Not only are The Raytones fantastic musicians, but they put on an amazing show. A typical Raytones show includes: Ray the Rhino (The Mascot), singing, dancing, audience participation, dancers and more! See how much fun you could be having:

The Raytones have played all across the country and have met some amazing people along the way. People like "Wildlife Margrit" from who has partnered with The Raytones to help save the rhino in South Africa. They are also active supporters of groups such as the SPD Blogger Network.

Want to hear more? Check them out:

"The Beach, Baby. Yeah!"

"Smelly Socks"

"Marie The Mail Lady"


While on tour last year, The Raytones were lucky enough to attend Kindiefest. Since then they have been working hard to get a shot at sharing their music there.

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Please send The Raytones an email and say hello: moc.oohay|senotyareht#moc.oohay|senotyareht

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