The Zing Zangs

“The Zing Zangs are amazing! They KNOW how to connect with kids, and their music is so awesome it’s hard to believe that they’re kids themselves!” - Waldmania PR

The Zing Zangs are a kids music band from Vancouver, Canada! Setting the tone as children's music that both kids and parents will love, The Zing Zangs are dedicated to getting kids up and moving!

The key to a Zing Zangs song is imagination. Fans (also known as "Zing-Zangers") are encouraged to play along with The Zing Zangs as they play make-believe, whether it's traveling to Japan, running with super speed, dancing with rhinoceroses, or just the trouble in a kid's world itself - going to bed.

The Zing Zangs' CDs are packed full of funny dialogue, wacky sound effects, different styles of music, and tons of special guests from all around the world!

For more information, email ten.sgnazgnizeht|ofni#ten.sgnazgnizeht|ofni

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