Tor Hyams

Grammy® nominated producer Tor Hyams has over 20 years of experience in the music and film industries, from writing and performing his own material to producing world-class recording artists, live music festivals for children, short films and digital programming, and composing dozens of scores for both film and television.

Hyams founded HyLo Entertainment in 2002 as an umbrella company for his broadening activities. He wrote and produced an award-winning, star-studded children's CD called "A World of Happiness," which he licensed to Disney's Buena Vista Records. It featured performances from Samuel L. Jackson, Magic Johnson, Lou Rawls, Isaac Hayes, Debbie Harry, Gary Oldman, Perry Farrell, and many others. He also produced a music video for that release called The Patience Bossa, directed by Gary Oldman. It featured an unprecedented duet by rock icons Perry Farrell and Deborah Harry.

With Farrell, Hyams then conceived and developed Kidzapalooza as a family festival nested within the Lollapalooza Festival, produced by C3 Presents. Kidzapalooza, now in its seventh successful year with Hyams as Producer and Emcee, has been contracted through 2016. Ancillary properties already include Kidzapalooza Radio on Sirius/XM and a new compilation album. Continuing his live music work with C3, Hyams now produces The “Kiddie Limits” stage for Austin City Limits and a number of other regional festivals, including The Hangout Music Festival and the Westbeach Music Festival.

His success in the world of live children’s music has brought other opportunities to the fore including the formation of Happiness Entertainment, a full service children’s music label with distribution through Koch. In it’s inaugural year, Happiness released three albums, including a bonus track filled reissue of “A World of Happiness,” The “Kidzapalooza Compilation” CD and the leading family hip hop act, Secret Agent 23 Skidoo. Hyams also recently launched his lullaby series "Rock the Cradle," wth the first release "Dreamin' with Def Leppard" leading the charge

For the past several years, Tor has led the family music efforts at the SXSW Music festival and, seeing the interest that this category draws, co-founded KindieFest—the first ever family music conference featuring panels and performances with the most influential personalities in the world of children’s music. KindieFest, now having completed its third year is now the industry standard for family music.

Hyams is also a judge for the NAPPA awards, the world’s most prestigious award for children’s audio product. Inspired by the need for a more formal association and awards precence, he recetly launched the Kindie Music Association, which will hold the official Kindie Awards!

As a music producer, Hyams’ star has been rising, with albums for Joan Osborne, Vivian Campbell, Edwin McCain, Broadway Star Rachel York, Jewish rappers Chutzpah, and the late Lou Rawls already under his belt. He has continued to work with Lisa Loeb, Perry Farrell, Edwin McCain and more.

“Tor Hyams, the Richard Branson of Kid’s music” – Zooglobble
“Tor Hyams’ inspired writing for kids merits grown-up buzz” – Amazon
“…the positive, kid-celebrating messages and sunny spirit of Hyams’ family albums can’t be beat.”-Los Angeles Times

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