Trout Forest Music Festival

Trout Forest Music Festival, or "The Trout", is a weekend music festival that occurs in Ear Falls, Ontario every year on the second week in August. It is a small, intimate festival that runs three stages; one mainstage, one workshop stage (in the beer gardens), and one children's stage (depending on the funding available in any particular year, this stage may be cut). The crowds are not large, but very receptive. The volunteer base and staff of the festival are extremely helpful and enthusiastic. Part of the mission of The Trout is to showcase Canadian acts, making the content of the festival 100% Canadian.

Things to know if you are booked for The Trout:

- Artist accommodations are free camping in the artist campground. If you don't like camping, this might not be the gig for you.
- The food provided for artists made by the kitchen staff is amazing.
- It always rains. Bring rain gear. Seriously.

The Artistic Director, Devin Latimer (the bass player from the alt-country band Nathan), is very easy to work with, and works very hard to put on a great show.

Bookings are decided upon in January of the year of the festival. To apply, send your press kit (one page bio and unwrapped CD) to:
Music Producer
Trout Forest Music Festival
43 Osborne St.
PO Box 68069
Winnipeg, MB R3L 2V9



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