We're Not Kidding!

A collaborative effort produced by Aaron Cohen, "We're Not Kidding! A Tribute to Barry Louis Polisar" is a 2-CD set of sixty (60) songs written by Barry Louis Polisar and recorded by artists from around the world. The album won a Parents' Choice Award as well as a National Parenting Publication Gold Award and a starred review in Booklist Magazine, published by the American Library Association. Barry's songs have been re-imagined and performed by musicians in genres as diverse as hip-hop, folk, jazz, klezmer and rock. Aaron had Barry's recordings as a child — and so did many of the artists on this album. Some of the songs on this project have been turned into videos and a DVD release is being planned — as is an additional disc of more songs. Barry has posted information about all the artists who contributed songs and you can listen to the song covers for free on his website: http://www.barrylou.com/tributeAlbum.html

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