Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festival

The Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festival is an annual theatre festival that takes place in the middle of July. It is the second largest Fringe Festival in North America, behind only the festival held in Edmonton, Alberta. The festival revolves around performance art and theatrical productions taking place around Winnipeg downtown at a number of venues provided by the festival, and a free stage in Old Market Square where much of the children's programming takes place (organized under the banner of Kid's Fringe).

Things to note if considering the Winnipeg Fringe Festival for a performance:

1. Because of a small budget, most of the Kid's Fringe is paid for by passing a hat and receiving donations from the audience. A beginner performer or one person show should consider this stage, however meager the payout may seem, because of the large crowds that can occur, giving the greenhorn much needed exposure.

2. Think ahead - some musical acts have done well to promote their shows as a theatrical performance, putting their name into the lottery and getting a venue in the fringe, becoming one of the few family friendly shows, often drawing a good crowd and making money on ticket sales. This requires forethought, though, since the performer first must put their name into the lottery that happens during the winter prior to the event.

3. If performing on the Old Market Stage (or "The Cube"), be careful of the sharp steel edges on the stage. Performers have been known to cut themselves occasionally.

Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festival Website

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